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The Cars

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Car 01
Neil Mackinnon/
Mike Stayte
Escort Cosworth
Car 03
Calum Duffy
Hugh Duffy
Escort 1998
Car 06
Gordon Boyd
Stella Boyles
Escort Cosworth
Car 09
Eddie O'Donnell Jnr
Eddie O'Donnell Snr
Escort 2000
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Car 15
Billy Bird
Plug Pulleyn
Astra GSi rwd
Car 16
Michael Shiel
Graham Shiel
Astra 1993
Car 27
Jimmy Christie
Jim Howie
Manta 16v
Car 49
Richard Thompson
Reg Smith
Sunny GTi-R

The People

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95_tobermory.jpg (48644 bytes)
The Winners The Crash! Il Presidente Tobermory
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