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2003 Tour of Mull - The 2004 Calendar

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The Cars

1st Overall: Callum Duffy & Del Duffy - Escort Mk II 2000 2nd Overall: Neil MacKinnon & Mike Stayte - Subaru WRC 99 3rd Overall: John Price & Caroline Price - MG Metro 6R4 4th Overall: Paul Kirtley & Jon Geldart - Subaru Impreza STi
5th Overall: Dave Miller & Andrew Bailey - Subaru Impreza 6th Overall, 1st Class B: Doug Weir & Duncan Brown - Nova GSi 1600 7th Overall & 1st Class D: Tony Bardy & Reg Smith - Nissan Sunny GTi-R 8th Overall & 1st Class C: John Cressey & Ian Grindrod - Astra 2000
9th Overall & 2nd Class D: Mark Jasper & Alan Snell - MG Metro 6R4 10th Overall & 3rd Class C & Best Scottish Crew: James MacGillivray & Ewen MacGillivray - Escort Mk II 2000 11th Overall, 3rd Class D & Best Yorkshire Crew: Pat Johnson & Graham Harper - Subaru Impreza WRX 12th Overall & Best Group N: Brian Cameron & Alistair Douglas - Mitsubishi EVO6

The People

". clean ya screen, gov?" "and just whose crutch are you hold of?" ".. But were they when the left the island?" ". Just give me a hand with this pair of jugs ."
Shell Worthy Performance Award: Simon Proud & Pete Smith, Escort Mk II 2000 "Have ewes been speeding again?" "Don't worry, they all go home next week" "I am sure these overalls have shrunk in the wash"
"Knit one purl one" " no! no! Mum I'm not in the Mish again!!" ". And it went off in my hand like a dodgy firework!" ".. Nearly finished Mum!"
Saturday Afternoon Trophy Winners: Dougi Hall & Steve Egglestone - Mitsubishi EVO6 "Does my bum look big in this?" "All cars welcome, but this takes the biscuit!" Best Entertainer: John Cockburn & George Bream - Tomcat 88
Saturday Night Trophy Winners: John Woodward & Martin Pettit - Escort Mk iV 2000 rwd "You stupid boy, Pike!" "We'll be back!" "Yeah mate, that's right, first left off the car park"
"Marshals had to improvide when their radios failed" "Here kitty, kitty, kitty!" "Are you sure you dropped the TV remote down here?" " and a side order of fries all to go got it ?!"
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