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2001 Tour of Mull - The 2002 Calendar

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The Cars

1st: Neil MacKinnon & Mike Stayte - Impreza 2000 2nd: John Cope & Tony Cope - Escort Cosworth 3rd: John Cressey & Ian Grindrod - Astra 2000 4th: Robert Davies & Neil Fraser - Lancer EVO V
5th: John Swinscoe & Paula Swinscoe - Escort MK2 1998 6th: Tony Bardy & Reg Smith - Sunny GTi-R 7th: Doug Weir & Duncan Brown - Nova 1598 8th: Roger Binyon & Nick Bray - Lancer EVO VI
9th: Bob Cowe & John Baird - Lancer EVO V 10th: Stuart McQueen & Alistair Green - Lancer EVO V 11th: Pat Johnson & Graham Harper - Impreza 2000 12th: Brian Cameron & Jon Southall - Lancer EVO IV

The People

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Spectator finds species previously thought extinct "Psssst! Wanna buy some of this?" "The only way you will get me to COPE in the car is in this straight jacket" "I'm sorry sir, your rally account is overdrawn"
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Mad cow disease outbreak on Mull "I'll find the extra bottle of scotch if it kills me" "I'll take the plates off, then the Inspector doesn't know it's me"


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"Isth tea ready Esthmerelda?" "It'll be the signed picky of Kylie I've been waiting for" "Vichysoisse. I thought it was soup I had ordered?" "Sand them down to slicks. I wish I had never come!"
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"Hey mate, have you finished with my Playboy yet?" "I feel a right idiot doing this crash diet"


"Well he was here earlier"
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"How long do I have to blow into this bag before it turns red?" "Here kitty kitty kitty" "Now think really hard. Where did you leave the car keys?" "Psst - has the comic turned up yet?"
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"How far did he go off at Gribun?" Introduction of people carriers due to police cutbacks "Don't look now - he's eating a Hot Dog" "What's this? Fun seeking man with nagging wife seeks swap with busty blonde for remote marshalling duties!"
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