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The Cars

00_car1.jpg (58556 bytes) 00_car00_mishnish.jpg (59797 bytes) 00_car1_mishnish.jpg (74350 bytes) 00_car1a.jpg (85175 bytes)
Calum on the Start ramp on Friday Night Lotus Cortina course car coming over Mishnish Lochs on Saturday afternoon Calum & Hugh coming over Mishnish Lochs on Saturday afternoon Calum Airbourne on Saturday afternoon
00_car1b.jpg (69486 bytes) 00_car2.jpg (67386 bytes) 00_car4.jpg (62079 bytes) 00_car6.jpg (74019 bytes)
Calum & Hugh climbing over to Dervaig on Saturday afternoon Neil & Mike airbourne on Saturday afternoon James charging hard in his Corsa Always a favourite, Eddie O'Donnell entertaining before he retired
00_car7.jpg (96853 bytes) 00_car10.jpg (76450 bytes) 00_car10b.jpg (59867 bytes) 00_car11.jpg (65002 bytes)
Compared to car 6 on the same corner - this is the difference that 4 wheel drive makes The Power Zone boys splashing around on Saturday afternoon Power Zone takes off Grindrod's got the map upside-down again
00_car15a.jpg (69367 bytes) 00_car15.jpg (76822 bytes) 00_car17.jpg (67010 bytes) 00_car29.jpg (61918 bytes)
Mk III Airbourne Steve Davies coming down the glen The battered Escort takes to the air Evo V in full flight
00_car37.jpg (67000 bytes) 00_car48.jpg (77048 bytes) 00_car48a.jpg (67079 bytes) 00_car77_off.jpg (83668 bytes)
Trusty Mk II doing the business Peugeot going quick over Mishnish Flying Frog Nearly off!
00_car16_bent.jpg (89593 bytes) 00_car134_off.jpg (128591 bytes) 00_car93_off.jpg (125476 bytes) 00_car94_off.jpg (137722 bytes)
Just folding in the wheels prior to engaging amphibious mode Sorry, did you say left or right? This cat just walked into the road That's not a shortcut after all

The People

00_car1_champagne.jpg (81892 bytes) 00_finish.jpg (87609 bytes) 00_car1_plus_junior.jpg (76602 bytes) 00_car1_plus_son.jpg (52986 bytes)
Celebrations outside macGochans at the finish The crowd at the finish in Tobermory The winner and a future winner? Father & Son (No.1 Fan!)
00_car1_in_car.jpg (52749 bytes) 00_car10a.jpg (87698 bytes) 00_fw.jpg (67894 bytes) 00_scruit.jpg (87781 bytes)
Calum arriving at the presentations The real crew of car 10! Frank & Gwenda Williams with Jack Neal in Tobermory Main Street Scruitineering in the Distillery
00_mish_car.jpg (63335 bytes) 00_prizes.jpg (56230 bytes) 00_team.jpg (63886 bytes)

00_firework.jpg (38803 bytes)

Sponsored by the Mishnish Hotel Calum & Hugh receiving their prizes Winners of the Team Award The fireworks after the prize giving

The Place

00_tob.jpg (107226 bytes) 00_tobs.jpg (65618 bytes) 00_harbour.jpg (46687 bytes)

00_lighthouse.jpg (59661 bytes)

Tobermory Tobermory Tobermory Bay The Tobermory Lighthouse
00_craignure_sun.jpg (66389 bytes)
Sunset at Craignure
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