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2000 Tour of Mull - The 2001 Calendar

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The Cars

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1st: Callum Duffy & Hugh Duffy - Evolution VI 2nd: Neil MacKinnon & Mike Stayte - Subaru Impreza 3rd: Andy Knight & Graham Noble - RS 2000 F2 Kit Car 4th: Daniel Harper & Daniel Barritt - Astra Sport
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5th: John Cressey & Ian Grindrod - Astra HRS 6th: John & Paula Swinscoe - Escort Mark II 1998 7th: Stuart McQueen & Alistair Green - Evolution V 8th: Roger Binyon & Nick Bray - Evolution VI
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9th: James MacGillivray & Brian Kennedy - Corsa 1600 10th: Mark Jasper & Alan Snell - Escort Cosworth 11th: Steve Davies & Lesley Hastie - Escort III 2000 12th: Chris & Jo Tooze

The People

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"The weather forecast is fog clearing to reveal the monsoon!! "With a little help, this will fall off the back of a lorry" "Fast right out of the Mish, K left by the bank, fell over by the Mac!!" "Eyes down!...6 and 2, Clickety duck!!"
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"Do you think it could be twins??" "I'm telling you, his driveshaft was this big" "Wearing a loud hat in a built up area is a 5 fixed penalty!" "Word - 5 letters, beginning and ending in T, meaning - to egg on"
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Duffy's - Mark I, Mark II & Mark III "Itz iz folt am peshed, e cept byin mi drinx" "Pleeeeeeeeeeze Dad, can I borrow the car to-night" "Rendrops keep fallin' on me ed"
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"Do you really think that 3 in the car is a good idea?!" "I wish I wasn't here, these two are barking mad!!" "I remember on the '69 Mull, it was 2s 3d a gallon" "Noise test officials refuse to wear the latest ear defenders"

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"I am absolutely knackered after Mull" "Well, you are not going back again until you have decorated that back bedroom!!" " out for the speed camera down the long one!!" "And I did it my way" (2000 Mix)
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"Acme hair restorer - apply liberally" "This should keep Taff going for another night" "The queue for the MacBrayne drive-through is as popular as ever" "Forced induction with ground effect skirt..."
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